Company History and Mission Statement


We are incorporated in the State of Nevada as a subsidiary of the Sterling Consolidated Corporation. As the largest subsidiary, Sterling Seal & Supply, Inc. (Sterling Seal), a New Jersey corporation was incorporated in 1997. Its predecessor was Sterling Plastic & Rubber Products, Inc., and was founded in 1970. Sterling Seal engages primarily in the distribution and sale of O-rings, rubber seals, oil seals, custom molded rubber parts, custom Teflon parts, Teflon rods, O-ring cord, bonded seals, O-ring kits, and stuffing box sealant. Sterling Seal is a distributor of O-rings. O-rings are one of the simplest, yet most engineered, precise, and useful seal designs. They are one of the most common and important elements of machine design. O-rings and the other products that Sterling Seal sells are used in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, pump, transmissions, oil and energy, machinery, and packaging. These products are utilized primarily as seals to prevent leakage of liquids or air. Most of the products carried by Sterling Seal are made of rubber, but some are coated and the rubber compound can change upon customer request. Sterling offers a catalogue of standard sizes, and will take orders for special sizes not available in the standard catalogue. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers and stay competitive, Sterling Seal always maintains a wide variety of products in substantial quantities at its main warehouse in Neptune, New Jersey, as well as its other facilities in the Florida and Massachusetts.

Mission Statement

Sterling Seal’s mission is to provide cost effective, quality seals to the distributors serving the automotive, industrial, aerospace, military, and the pool industries. Our regional warehouses and large inventories allow the end users to limit work in process and inventory which reduces operating costs.